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Would leave a review about the food taste and quality but i havent even seen it yet. Ordered 2 hours ago!!!

Ross, 23 Jan 2021

It’s a good food place

Jenson, 23 Jan 2021

Hi Delish Dudes , just like to say the service was fast and the quality of food was amazing, see you again soon, thanx Ewen.

Ewen, 10 Jan 2021

Great food

Tammy, 09 Jan 2021

Ordered on the 29th and it took 3hrs we were so disappointed and they missed chips off our order!! We have had no problems in the past. We ordered again tonight and got 50% off for the poor service I can safely say the food was fantastic and on time the drive was great also. Thanku very much from a hungry customer

Joanne, 31 Dec 2020

Will is the best delivery driver in st.Ives!

Hannah, 29 Dec 2020


Tony, 19 Dec 2020

This meal would have received full marks had it been warm. I’m sorry to say two of the three kebabs were stone cold, but the chips were hot. Apart from that it was a tasty meal.

Ben, 12 Dec 2020

Great fresh quality food

Jon, 03 Dec 2020

Very nice kebabs always top notch!

Jamie, 02 Dec 2020

Amazing food!

Ryan, 01 Dec 2020


Everything top notch, been back even though I'm a town away it arrives hot and the food is delish, definitely worth the 5*.

Natasha, 27 Nov 2020

Heavenly mac and cheese!!!

Judit, 26 Nov 2020

Always great service and food

Stephen Bennett, 25 Nov 2020

Absolutely superb tonight

Michelle , 21 Nov 2020

Nice food

Shannon, 20 Nov 2020

Pizza Perfection And Kebab , 17 Nov 2020


Rick, 31 Oct 2020

Jalapeno paste is sooo good

Charlie, 24 Oct 2020

Jalapeno paste is soooooo good

Charlie, 24 Oct 2020

Paid 80p for burger sauce but curly fries came without any sauce.

Andrew Jennings, 22 Oct 2020

Easy ordering, fast delivery and great food.

Gary, 21 Oct 2020


Becky, 18 Oct 2020

Great service

Sarah Mccarthy, 16 Oct 2020

Lovely food, Thank you.

Adi, 10 Oct 2020

Always had great service from Delish - have used this takeaway since they took over from Big Bites years ago

Phil, 10 Oct 2020