We at Delish st Ives ltd TA Delish aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Cambridgeshire. Give us feedback.

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always reliable and friendly

Martin, 22 Apr 2019

Awesome food ! Best burgers in town !

Dominic, 13 Apr 2019

DELISH-ious as usual, Thank you.

Adi, 12 Apr 2019

Best pizza's around and fast service!

Kerry, 07 Apr 2019

Very good

Thomas, 06 Apr 2019

All very tasty, thank you.

Adi, 05 Apr 2019

Good service, very quick

Arooj, 04 Apr 2019

really enjoy your jalapeno melts

Adi, 02 Apr 2019

Delish is such a good takeaway. Never order from anywhere else.

Joely Mestler, 30 Mar 2019


Holly, 22 Mar 2019

Always great food.

Paul, 14 Mar 2019

Always lovely hot food

April, 12 Mar 2019

Amazing. No words can describe the quality. Will order again.

Laurence Dodsondavis, 11 Mar 2019

fresh food

Dumitrescu, 28 Feb 2019

Lovely food and fast delivery

Tracy, 25 Feb 2019

The food is delicious, and the deliverys are quick, all in all its a very nice place to eat

Tracy, 25 Feb 2019

Best in st Ives

Jon, 23 Feb 2019

Easy to order off website, lovely food.

Tracy, 18 Feb 2019

Amazing service as always

Lizzy, 07 Feb 2019

Very good food and fast on delivery and value for money

Emma Varey, 30 Jan 2019

Always good service and product good

Leslie, 26 Jan 2019

The only place in stives we use

Alan, 05 Jan 2019

Amazing ali is a great worker

Liam, 02 Jan 2019

Great service

Charlotte, 15 Dec 2018

Lovely every time, and always arrives quickly.

Donna, 01 Dec 2018

I have ordered for the first time and I am absolutely mind blown. My shish kebab was lovely, the meat juicy and tender, the veggies fresh and crispy. It came as a bit of a diy (meat separate from veggies and the wrap separate too) but it was worth the effort as it saved me the usual ‘soggy veg’ experience you get in most places. Lovely! Thank you.

Aleksandra Kutz, 24 Nov 2018